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Valley Hospice Celebrates Palliative Care Program

Valley Hospice is proud to offer the area’s only in-home palliative care program, Caring Connections Palliative Care. As the leading non-profit, mission-driven hospice care provider in the Ohio Valley, Valley Hospice is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community.

Palliative care, or “comfort care,” aims to help patients feel better and cope with the stress of living with a serious illness. The goal is to improve the quality of life of both the patient and their family. The palliative care team works to anticipate, prevent and relieve suffering related to a serious illness or the side effects of treatment.

“Home-based palliative care for seriously ill patients fills a critical gap in the health care system,” said Andrea Hale, Valley Hospice CEO. “It enables access to services that can prevent the typical pattern of preventable emergency department visits, hospitalizations, post-acute rehabilitation stays and early skilled-nursing placement.” Most importantly, palliative care mitigates the unnecessary suffering that accompany these events.”

“Community-based palliative care works because it starts by determining what patients (and their families) need and want,” added Hale. “The need is great, and the time is right for Valley Hospice to provide this valuable service for our community. Please contact us at 740.859.5655 to learn how Caring Connections Palliative Care can help you or a loved one.”

Valley Hospice joined hospice organizations across the nation in celebrating November as National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness of end-of-life care and recognizing the compassionate care provided to patients and their families.

Valley Hospice has been caring for patients for 38 years. Their specially trained, compassionate staff has cared for thousands of patients throughout the Ohio Valley, allowing them to spend their final months wherever they call home, surrounded by their loved ones in accordance with their wishes. Valley Hospice works tirelessly to provide patient-centered care for those living with a life-limiting illness-putting people over profits in every single instance. Valley Hospice maintains an unwavering commitment to providing care to every patient in need of their services, regardless of their ability to pay.

Valley Hospice is proud to offer programs that go above and beyond typical hospice care and further enhance the quality of life for the patient and their family; “A Hero’s Salute,” specialized end-of-life care and support to patients who have served in the military; “A Plan for Living,” advanced directives program;  “Whispered Wishes,” a program that grants end-of-life wishes; “Meaningful Moments, resources for individuals and families dealing with dementia; and “Bobby’s Books,” using books to help build a child’s coping skills.

Valley Hospice also offers the area’s only inpatient care centers: Valley Hospice Mary Jane Brooks Care Center North, in Steubenville and Valley Hospice Liza’s Place Care Center South, in Wheeling.

To learn more about Valley Hospice, please visit our website at or call 877.HOSPICE.

Valley Hospice Employees Donate to Local Charities

Valley Hospice is proud to announce that they recently presented eight local charitable organizations with donations as a part of their Together We Can initiative. The donations totaled $2,000 and were a result of their employee jeans day contributions.

“Valley Hospice employees incredibly generous and community minded,” said Cynthia Bougher, CEO. They are committed to giving back to the communities we serve and live in.” 

Valley Hospice employees are permitted to wear jeans one day per week but must pay $1 each time they do so. That money is then put in a “Jeans Day Fund” and earmarked for community support.

Charities that received funding include: Harrison County Cancer Crusaders, Cadiz; Cancer Dietary Initiative, Steubenville; Marshall County Family Resource Network Carolyn’s Closet, Moundsville; Helping Heroes, Wheeling; Hancock County Shop With a Cop, New Cumberland; Family Connections Brooke Place, Colliers; The Way Station, East Liverpool; and A Special Wish Foundation, St. Clairsville.

Harrison County Cancer Crusaders Cancer Dietary Initiative Marshall County Family Resource Network Helping Heroes
Harrison County Cancer Crusaders, Cadiz Cancer Dietary Initiative, Steubenville Marshall County Family Service Network Closet of Hope, Moundsville  Helping Heroes, Wheeling
Hancock County Shop With a Cop Family Connections The Way Station A Special Wish
Hancock County Shop With a Cop, New Cumberland Family Connections Brooke Place, Colliers The Way Station, East Liverpool A Special Wish Foundation, St. Clairsville

Valley Hospice Announces CEO Transition

After 28 years of service to Valley Hospice, Cynthia Bougher has announced plans to retire from her role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in April of this year. The Valley Hospice Board of Trustees has unanimously selected Andrea Hale, who currently serves as Valley Hospice’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), as Bougher’s successor.

Bougher began her tenure at Valley Hospice as a Patient Care Volunteer, in 1994, and was hired as an admission/on-call nurse a year later. She served Valley Hospice in various roles, including Chief Operating Officer, prior to becoming CEO, in 2008. Bougher, a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Administrator, has led Valley Hospice in its commitment to providing the highest quality end-of-life care for patients throughout the Ohio Valley for almost three decades. Under her leadership, the organization has grown and expanded services to meet the needs of the community, including most recently, Caring Connections Palliative Care, the area’s only in-home palliative care program.

Succeeding Bougher will be Andrea Hale, who brings 19 years of experience in hospice leadership and brand development. Hale began her tenure at Valley Hospice in 2004 as a Nurse Liaison and served in various roles, including Chief Clinical Officer, prior to becoming COO, in 2017. She is a graduate of the Ohio Valley School of Nursing and currently serves as the President of the Trinity School of Nursing Alumni Association. Hale also holds a Bachelor of Leadership Administration and a Master of Business Administration, both from West Liberty University.

Hale has been instrumental in positioning Valley Hospice as a leader for end-of-life care and education. She led the creation and implementation of several programs at Valley Hospice, including the “Hero’s Salute” Veterans Program; a program that provides specialized end-of-life care and support to patients who have served in the military and their families. She was also instrumental in the development of Caring Connections Palliative Care. Hale has an extensive clinical background and is committed to making sure each patient and family has the best possible experience.

“Our organization has benefitted enormously from the strong, insightful leadership that Cynthia has provided, and we wish her a long and fruitful retirement,” said Valley Hospice Board President, Kevin Britt. “Further, we are extremely excited to welcome Andrea and her vast experience and energetic leadership.”

Cynthia Bougher Andrea Hale
Cynthia Bougher Andrea Hale

Valley Hospice “Light Up a Life” Campaign Celebrates Loved Ones

The holidays are a time to cherish wonderful memories and create traditions with family and loved ones. For those who have experienced a loss, the holidays are also a time to celebrate the memory of those who are no longer with us.

Each holiday season, Valley Hospice decorates four Christmas trees throughout the Ohio Valley as part of their “Light up a Life” fundraising campaign.  The “Light up a Life” trees offer individuals the opportunity to remember their loved ones, while supporting Valley Hospice; helping to bring comfort and care to their patients and their families.

Donors are given the opportunity to decorate a tag that will be placed on the tree of their choice. Trees are located at the Ohio Valley Mall, Fort Steuben Mall, Valley Hospice Liza’s Place Care Center South, in Wheeling and the Mary Jane Brooks Valley Hospice Care Center North, at Trinity Medical Center West in Steubenville. A pewter heirloom keepsake ornament will be sent to anyone who donates $100 or more.

For information about “Light up a Life” contact Jennifer Taylor, Development Director, 740.859.5650.

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