Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Ensuring access to care for those living with a life-limiting illness

through our commitment to Caring. Living. Healing.


Our Values:

Creating a supportive and productive work environment is important to us. At Valley Hospice, we strive to create a culture that encourages honest dialogue, respect for the feelings, values and cultures of others, teamwork and a commitment to our mission. Our goal is to create a harmonious work environment by adhering to our values stated below.


  • Support and encourage my teammates throughout the organization.
  • Provide positive, constructive feedback.
  • Consistently “manage up” co-workers.
  • Celebrate success – look for the good and share it.
  • Be a role model.
  • Communicate with respect and professionalism to create a safe environment in which open dialogue can take place.


  • Be reliable, allowing others to place their trust in me.
  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Respect all individuals through acknowledgment, acceptance, and courtesy.
  • Walk my talk.
  • Refrain from gossip.


  • Be flexible and willing to adapt to change.
  • Be knowledgeable about my job responsibilities and the organization.
  • Seek self-development - Utilize tools that are provided to grow personally and professionally.
  • Take responsibility for my actions; be willing to take both credit and critique.
  • Conduct myself as a professional at all times by performing my job competently and ethically (i.e, maintaining confidentiality, maintaining boundaries, making eye contact, dressing professionally, using professional demeanor).
  • Recognize I am a reflection of Valley Hospice.
  • Be on time.
  • Set and achieve goals.


  • Recognize the spirituality inherent in each individual without judgement.
  • Be open and respectful to each individual’s spiritual beliefs.
  • Meet patients and families where they are and don’t project your spiritual beliefs on others.
  • Be attentive to your own spiritual needs, as you perceive them.
  • Live your spirituality in acts of compassion and service in the workplace.
  • Build one another up and encourage your coworkers in times of distress, personal crisis, and spiritual need.

Mission Focused

  • Recognize the value of each person and accept that value without judgment.
  • Be good stewards of time, money and all resources entrusted to me.
  • Offer hope, compassion and empathy to coworkers and those we serve.
  • Know our mission and apply it to my work every day.


  • Focus my physical, emotional, and spiritual energy in order to fulfill our mission.
  • Take pride and ownership in my performance each day.
  • Build professional relationships
  • Inspire and Motivate others.
  • Consistently ‘manage up’ Valley Hospice.
  • Appreciate the efforts of others.
  • Support the communities in which I serve.

Board of Trustees

Carole Adams

Carole Adams, PhD

Consultant, Federal Procurement

Sarah Barickman

Sarah Barickman

Outreach Director and Life Celebrant

Altmeyer Funeral Home & CARE - Funeral & Cremation Specialists


Kevin Britt

Kevin Britt

Board President

Retired COO

Reynolds Memorial Hospital

Teresa Faykus

Teresa Faykus

Board Vice-President

Associate Professor of Nursing

West Liberty University

Michael Goclan

Michael Goclan

Board Treasurer

VP of Commercial Lending and Business Development

Unified Bank


Karin Janiszewski

Karin Janiszewski

WVU Medicine Director of Corporate Communication and Public Relations


Jeff Lycan

Jeff Lycan, RN, MS

President, National Hospice Cooperative


Karen McClain

Karen McClain

Assistant Professor of Nursing Health Science

West Liberty University


Dr. C. Clark Milton

Dr. C. Clark Milton

Medical Director, Corporate Health

Wheeling Hospital

Adam Myser

Adam Myser


Myser & Myser

Karen Padden

Karen Padden

Retired Teacher



Vanessa Palmer

Vanessa Palmer

Board Secretary

Community Nurse Educator

Urban Missions


Katherine Shelek-Furbee

Katherine Shelek-Furbee

Retired Social Worker

Leadership Team

Cynthia Bougher

Cynthia Bougher, RN, MSN, CHPCA

Chief Executive Officer

Years at Valley Hospice: 28


Andrea Hale

Andrea Hale, RN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Years at Valley Hospice: 19

Natalie Bolock

Natalie Bolock, SHRM-CP, PHR

Vice-President of Human Resources & Administration

Years at Valley Hospice: 18

Toni Elliott

Toni Elliott, RN, BLA, MBA

Vice-President of Quailty Management

Years at Valley Hospice: 17

Tom LaFlam

Tom LaFlam

Vice-President of Finance

Years at Valley Hospice: 9

Dr. Kathryn Franz

Kathryn Franz, DO

Medical Director

Years at Valley Hospice: 11

Katie Border

Katie Border, MSW

Director of Mission Services

Years at Valley Hospice: 12

Kim Parker

Kim Parker

Marketing Director

Years at Valley Hospice: 16

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Development Director

Years at Valley Hospice: 5

Zach Watkins

Zach Watkins

IT Director

Years at Valley Hospice: 2

Not Pictured:

Tera Newbold

Tera Newbold, RN

Care Centers Manager

Years at Valley Hospice: 6

Connie Pilutti

Connie Pilutti, RN, CHPN

Clinical Support Manager

Years at Valley Hospice: 19

Rhonda Sprowl

Rhonda Sprowl, RN, CHPN

North Home Team Patient Care Manager           

Years at Valley Hospice: 20

Brandi Unterzuber

Brandi Unterzuber, RN

South Home Team Patient Care Manager          

Years at Valley Hospice: 9

Licensure & Accrediation

Medicare/Medicaid Certified

Ohio & West Virginia

Professional Affiliations

Hospice Alliance of Ohio

Awards & Honors

Hospice Honors Recipient

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